You probably know that Name matters, a Lot. If you aren’t there yet, read this great essay by James Currier Your Company Name Matters, a Lot

You shouldn’t ship your product with a Bad Name! So, what tools should you use to get a good one?

Those are 7 tools I use to find a good name:

  1. OneLook is the place where you should start from. It is very powerful dictionary that has advanced search options of over 18M words. You can use various patterns, like: *winter*, an??s . I also, recommend using Thesaurus and Reverse Dictionary. It has an advanced filter, where you can define many parameters, like length, start with, sounds like, etc
  2. RhymeZone is another tool for searching a name. It searches for homophones, similar-sounding words, synonyms, antonyms and more.
  3. Sedo is a domain marketplace. Usually those domains aren’t free. But while typing keywords you can get many interesting ideas.
  4. Business Name Generator (by Shopify). It generates business names and check for a domain availability. This is a simple tool to make a quick search for any string query.
  5. Instant Domain Search another useful and fast tool to search for domains. It also suggests various alternative and also looks for alternatives to .com
  6. If you are building a game, or a whole new world, try Fantasy Name Generator. For example, this tool can be used to generate various product names.
  7. Namemesh Company Name Generator allows searching names and domains, by using 2–4 keywords with additional mask.
    For example: cool, app*, go??